Management Team

The VANTOS team is comprised of seasoned executives who specialize in successfully launching new products in emerging markets at startups and enterprises alike.

Raju Dodhiawala
Raj Dodhiawala
VP Products, Marketing & Business Development

Specializing in enterprise software appliance marketing, product management, technology and services, Mr. Dodhiawala offers a quarter of a century of enterprise software experience.

As the Vice President of Innovation and Engineering at Morse Best Innovation, Mr. Dodhiawala led the company's effort in technical marketing services and developed DemoMate, a software-plus-services solution for sales readiness. At Microsoft, he was the Chief Architect of the .Net Center of Excellence as well as the Program Co-Lead for the Net Effect program. Prior to Microsoft, Mr. Dodhiawala served as Director of Engineering at Blue Coat, leading the Server Accelerator product effort, which remains a core component of the company's revenue mix. Additional roles include Director of Engineering at NUKO, Technical Scientist for Boeing Computer Services and software consultant at Tata Consultancy Services in Mumbai, India.

Mr. Dodhiawala received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU Varanasi), and his M.S. in Computer & Systems Science from Louisiana State University.